Our company was founded in 1977, Tubomatic can be presently listed among the most qualified and appreciated fittings manufacturers in the world: our products are parts for refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Today’s Tubomatic can be described as the result of continuous evolution of a company which has been able to improve and renew, never forgetting its usual interest for new requirements of the market, above all referring to product reliability and granted quality.

That was at first a family owned small company which has gradually grown and developed to a wider and composite net of production units, while constantly updating its structure (ready to face new issues), quickly becoming the right partner company to work with, in order to successfully react to new market challenges.

Our target is to supply you with the best solution we can find out to meet your needs.

That’s why we are every year adding new articles in our range of products in order to widen it and to be not only specialized in copper items, but also in parts we manufacture out of stainless steel, Cupro-nickel, iron and aluminum.

Tubomatic is highly trained in the production of copper fittings such as u-bends with or without brazing rings, cross-overs, elbows t.i. bent pipes and straight pipes of any dimension. We are proud of our usual attention for the quality of our products and service levels with meticulous check of incoming raw materials and of the final product. Last but not least, we emphasize that we are using a new computerized ultrasounds-washing-system for the parts: that is high technology and respectful attitude for the environment around us.
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